Miles Classic Mileage Log App for iPhone and iPad
Miles is the enthusiasts' mileage log. Handcrafted for you. And for iOS 11.

Inspired by the early days of automotive history, Miles carries the spirit and joy of driving in every bit of its binary. Full of emotional details and smart features, Miles easily takes the lead in the segment of mileage log apps available today.
Essential for anyone who needs to track trips for tax deduction or reimbursement, Miles is ready to assist with feature-rich functions and ease of use. And with a single tap, all trips get bundled in a PDF, ready for filing. Or a CSV-file for an import in any spreadsheet software.

We don't trick our customers with a low app price into pricey upgrades. Miles only costs once at the time of it's purchase. And considering that no other software is needed, it's maybe the cheapest solution too.

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Miles for iPhone
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Simply miles ahead
Miles does not rely on an GPS signal. In fact, it doesn't even need an internet connection. Therefore, there's no worry about roaming costs, exceeded data plans, GPS signal strength, parking garages, tunnels, battery drain, tracking start & stop or the deviation from a tracked distance to the odometer value of the car. With Miles, trips can be stored whenever the driver wants to.
Miles Classic Mileage Log App For iPhone
  1. 10 (iPad: 12) favorite presets and one favorite-combination
  2. Destination out of contacts, favorites or manually
  3. Current timestamp suggested
  4. No input of distance, only odometer value upon arrival
  5. Last stop automatically suggested as new starting point
  6. Shake gesture clears all text fields if set prior
  7. Fade-in calculator without leaving the app
  8. Purpose and destination can remain empty for private trips
  9. Dedicated save buttons for every deduction category
  10. Plausibility-Check upon saving
We went the extra mile for the details
The mileage log and statistics sections are held completely in a dark brown background color. It will never hurt the drivers eye when viewed in low light conditions, and will offer high contrast values for usage in daylight at the same time.
Miles Classic Mileage Log App Features
Miles is the easy-to-use turnkey solution you were looking for
In the built-in statistics section Miles takes care of all the calculations and reportings that are essential, and exports the chosen combination of period and category in either CSV- or PDF-format.
Miles Classic Mileage Log App Trip Statistics With Charts
  • Best in class user interface, hurrayed by the critics and users
  • 4 preset periods for reporting
  • 3 preset trip groups (als well as »All«) for reporting
  • detailed reports with standardized coloring by trip group
  • get charts and calculations for every combination of period and trip type
  • export instantly as PDF or CSV file
  • Excel-compatible email reports (as CSV)
  • Big fonts
  • Illustrated manual included
Using Miles may help you save thousands on taxes – every year
Miles PDF for tax reporting for the IRS
  • Pay once, use forever
  • No licencing fees
  • No membership, no registration
  • No further software needed
  • No hidden in-app purchases or ads of any kind
  • Price fully deductible as a business expense
  • Utilizable for annual tax report
  • Utilizable for expense reimbursement
Miles runs on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad Mini
Including every size from 3.5 inch iPhones upwards and up to iOS 10 (including iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8 and iOS 7).
Miles Classic Mileage Log App Product Line up
  • Miles runs on iOS 7.0+
  • Miles supports 3.5 inch screens or bigger
  • Miles HD supports retina and non-retina screens (yes, iPad Mini too)
  • No roaming costs
  • No internet- or GPS connection needed
  • No unnecessary battery drain
Miles probably comes in your language too
Miles is completely localized in five different languages. Supported languages for the Miles app include english, german, french, italian and hungarian.
Miles Classic Mileage Log App Localization
Quickstart Guide
Miles includes an illustrated manual, stored right inside the application.
Miles - The Classic Mileage Log with in-App-Manual

If Miles runs for the first time or after a reset it will open in Quick Start Mode to guide through the process of setting up the app and getting familiar with all the features.

We constantly improve Miles – for free

In the update section of the app store on your device you'll find the latest updates to your Miles app. Our most recent versions are summarized below. For any question or support to our Software, please use the contact-form at the bottom of this page.

Milestone 2.3.3 for iPhone/iPod touch (available since @2016-03-24)
  • Optimized Reset-routine
Milestone 1.5.2 for iPad/iPad Mini (available since 2016-03-19)
  • Upon setting the favourite-combination, the feedback screen with a white star was not loaded. Setting the combination as such was working though.


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Miles Classic Mileage Log App for iPhone on the Apple App Store
Miles Classic Mileage Log HD App for iPad on the Apple App Store
Miles for iPhone
Miles HD for iPad
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